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I like what I do so much that I’ve done this for more than 10 years. I help restaurant owners redefining their food concept - or work on creative shots with some of the most talented chefs.
I put food under natural lights - not artificial lights - to expose its best textures and vibrant colours that is more appealing to human eyes.

My approach to food photography is natural, elegant,aesthetically pleasing composition where the food is the main focus revealing its curves, textures & vibrant colours that is visually enticing to your viewers.

To create a story within the frame, I also own a large collection of tablewares, curated dinnerwares only from the best brands in Bali, napkins/fabrics, cutleries and a patch of herbs and vegetables in my backyard for this specific purpose.

Food Photographer Bali

Bali Food Photographer

I developed my photography skills through a mix of self learning - and it was mostly defined through the help of a seasoned Dutch photographer, Baja van Hulst with her intensive photography classes.

Taking my hobby to the next level, I decided to join a Photography Summer Residency Program run by School of Visual Arts New York, a multidisciplinary college of art, design & photography in New York City, known for its unparalleled faculty and innovative curriculum.
At the time, the class was headed by Abby Robinson, an MFA and instructor of SVA. A few of my work were exhibited during a group intercultural show in Manhattan, New York in 2012. If you are looking for Best Bali Food Photographer look no further!

** In the recent two years, I’ve become one of 7 photographers assigned to shoot for Airbnb Plus Program in Bali. It is such a privilege. Through these assignments, I grew a love for interior photography as well.

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