We work with our hearts, because we care of how the dish is portrayed. The photos will reflect on your brand positioning, your soul. This what we must communicate through the images. A strong image that speaks with a clear concept in mind will capture your audience attention. An image that they remember and that they can connect to your brand.

Behind that one strong image, is a long arduous process of creating it but we love every minute of it.
First we discuss about the concept, mood or visual board - the client and the photographer (and food stylist if required) need to be on the same page on how the photograph of each dish should look like. Each dish should be prepared camera ready - not for serving regular customers. So no wilting overcooked veggies, no dressing on salad, etc, etc. After all you want a photograph of identifiable food in a plate, right? Not some blob of wilting green something on the plate with a dribble of brownish liquid presumably a dressing?

Secondly, props and garnish choices are as important. Between the food, props (tableware, cutleries, dinnerware) and garnish has to have to be in the same breath, not contradicting one another. The entire composition has to make sense.
Like, mexican food but using silver or pewter tablewares as props. Or maybe props and garnish are set in a nordic style with pale color background, artificial moss, elk horn etc - but the hero food are colorful popsicles. Hellooo?